Original Photo
Restoration and lighting adjustments.
Color added.
Black and white photo of The Brox Sisters restored and colorized.
The Brox Sisters were an American trio of singing sisters originally from Edmonton, Canada who broke into show-business in the early 1920s.
 Bobbe, Kathlyn and Lorayne’s last names were actually “Brock” but they changed it to “Brox” when they began making Broadway appearances on the Music Box Revue (1921, 1923, 1924) and the 1927 Ziegfeld Follies.

  They did some recording with Brunswick Records before signing exclusive rights over to Victor Records in 1925. Like most musical talent of the 1920’s, it was considered a smart move to appear in the motion pictures as well. One motion picture The Brox Sisters starred in, The King of Jazz, was highly successful in the 1930’s. The Brox Sisters were quite popular in their day, but sister trios like the Boswell Sisters and The Andrew Sisters soon moved onto the scene and nudged The Brox Sisters out of the spotlight in the early 1930s.

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