Future socialite, Helen Marye 1913
Dolores Moran poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel,1948.
Photo of Marilyn Monroe restored and colorized.
Colorized photo of One Times Square, 1903.
Happy New Year! Retouched and Colorized Photo.
US Soldiers in Southern Vietnam, 1965.
Weathered Businessman in NY, 1953.
Jean Bugatti standing beside the Esders Roadster, 1932.
Restoration and Colorization of Actress Mary Pickford.
Colorization of Audrey Hepburn and Pet Deer
Evening Picnic at Huntington Beach, 1937.
Colorization - Plunging Necklines, 1948
Colorized Black and White Photo of Kay Aldridge.
Salvador DalĂ­ painting "The Face of War",1940.
Colorized photo of Robert Kennedy
Underwater Ballet
Japanese Cherry Blossoms Bloom in D.C, 1935.
1925 Miss America and film actress, Adrienne Dore.
Young nurse with The American Red Cross Motor Corps
1915 Hobo? Hipster? or Time Traveling Kurt Russell
Young Couple Dancing in Paris, 1951.
Jack Kerouac, 1943.
Love working with reflections. Completed for a client.
Plunging Necklines of 1949
Colorized photo of painter scaling the Golden Gate 1947
Child Migrants Arrive at Ellis Island,1908.
Mae Clarke, 1931.
Colorization of migrant family on the road, 1937.
American film actress Sheila Terry, 1931.
The Inspiration Behind Jessica Rabbit Colorized
Young Lucille Ball
Eleven Year Old Coal Miner, 1908.
Rita Hayworth Colorized
Harold Agnew Carrying the Core of the Fat Man Bomb
Natalie Wood, circa 1971.
Summer in the city, 1954
Washington DC 1913 - Restored and Colorized
Special Delivery Messengers on Motorized Scooters,1917.
Colorization and restoration by request on reddit
Photographic Sensation Colorization
Albert Einstein Colorized
Corner of 40th and 6th Ave, New York City, 1940.
Warbird Colorization
Grace Kelly and kitten colorized.
Six Year old Paperboy 1915.
Sophia Loren Colorized
Colorization of Young Kid In New York,1954
Witchy Anna Nagel Colorized
Retouched and Colorized Halloween Pin-up.
Restoration and colorization for client. Romania 1800s.
Colorization of two teens sharing a milkshake, 1950s
David Attenbourough and parrot colorized.
Colorization of a carriage ride through 1953 New York
Ronald Reagan, 1939. Colorization and Restoration.
Floating 'round the pool,1961.
Colorization of Francoise Hardy, 1966.
The Brox Sisters, 1924.
The legendary Lucille Ball at the age of eighteen,1929.
Colorization of Lauren Bacall having a smoke.
Afternoon drive in a Franklin Model D Roadster,1908.
Annie Oakley Restored and Colorized.
American actress and princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.
Here's to 2015.
Marines enjoying a pinup while heading into Tarawa
Ava Gardner Colorized
Colorized Inupiat Family, 1929.
A Stroll Down the Atlantic City Boardwalk, 1905.
Colorized photo of Pablo Picasso
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