One of the most opulent and rarest cars ever created, The Bugatti Royale (also known as the Bugatti Type 41) was a luxury car crafted and designed by Ettore Bugatti in 1927.
The Bugatti Royale is an enormous vehicle weighing up to 4 tons and one of the longest automobiles ever produced. When compared to newer vehicles, the Bugatti is about 10% longer than a Ford Super Duty F-450 truck and weighs about the same.
Ettore had plans to build only 25 of the Bugatti Royale and sell them to royals, but even the wealthy were not into paying $30,000 for a automobile during the Depression. Out of the 6 Ettore actually made, Bugatti ended up only selling 3.
 The Bugatti Royale in this particular photo was designed and styled by Jean Bugatti, son of Ettore Bugatti.  The car was especially designed for Dr.Armand Esders, a clothing manufacturer, who ordered a car without any headlights as this would impair the beautiful design. He had, as he said, no plans to drive after sunset anyhow.
After a few years of ownership, Dr. Armand Esders sold the Roadster to a french politician who had the cars body restyled to look more like the Coupe De Ville model.
Areproduction of the original Bugatti Royale ‘Esders’ Roadsterviewis currently on display at the Musee National de l’Automobile in Mulhouse, France.
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